Light Up While You're Getting Lit

Order a specialty drink at our bar in Boonville, IN

We permit smoking at our bar, so you'll be able to enjoy a cigar while you're enjoying our specialty drinks. Stoner's Grill is a fun, relaxing place where you can kick back with a cocktail and spend time with your friends.

Our drink menu features plenty of tasty concoctions. You'll be able to order exactly what you want at our bar. We can also cater your event and serve drinks wherever your party is.

Stop by for a specialty drink tonight in Boonville, IN.

We have plenty of options for you

A lot of liquors and beers contain gluten. That's why we make it a point to also offer gluten-free alcohol for those looking to maintain a gluten-free diet. You don't have to sacrifice good drinks to keep avoiding gluten. So come check us out - your stomach will thank you.

Try our gluten-free alcohol drinks today in Boonville, IN.